All the number 2s for 2022!

No, this isn’t an April Fool. POO has arrived with a big SPLASH!

With all the current worries for our planet’s climate and its energy needs, could we all be sitting on the answer? Could the whiff of change be under our very noses? Never has a book brought such relief – and it’s out NOW. Read it at your convenience and join the worldwide movement. It could save the world!

Depending on what you call it… and whether you like palindromes…

How Poo Can Save the World By John Townsend How Poop Can Save the World

The extra ‘P’ makes all the difference for the palindrome: Poopy asses say ‘poop’

On a cuter note, we were out and about (with Roderick the naughty puppet) in schools recently with all sorts of books for toddlers.



Then it was off to Ilfracombe Junior School with Year 5 & 6 – what a lovely bunch, too. They knew masses of AMAZING FACTS…

untitled image

Yippee! Published this month and in ALL GOOD BOOKSHOPS…

Try listening to this one for a good night’s sleep, Mr Putin…

All my latest titles are at Amazon HERE (or HERE in the USA)

Happy Easter Reading!

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