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World Book Day (Week and Month)

World Book Day

Yes – March is the month when the world goes BOOK CRAZY and some people insist on dressing up as a character or a ‘thing’ from a book. I’ve seen all sorts of wonderful creations in schools – including a teacher disguised as a giant book and a boy who covered himself in chocolate (as Charlie from the Chocolate Factory). It didn’t end well.

You could always dress up as an Egyptian ruler or a famous character from the book below to celebrate this year’s 100th anniversary of the world-shattering discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. What a cool look that would be!Interview with the Ghost of Tutankhamun (Live from the Crypt) by [John Townsend, Rory Walker]               Good luck with all the bandages (and gold)!

There again, you may prefer to appear as a magical creature…

However you mark World Book Day/Week/Month, you might agree that books can be totally OUT OF THIS WORLD. Like Mrs Zoom, I may wear a space suit for my travels to schools this month…

Mrs Zoom and the Blue Rocket - Boom! (Board book)

Yes, new books are on their way through March that are literally OUT OF THIS WORLD – and even inside it! With a book you can travel to the ends of the Earth and beyond in a cosy armchair…

Space - Scribblers Board Book (Board book)

Why not order these books before they’re released and STEAL A MARCH? (See what I did there?) Just say those three words to me if I’m visiting your school this month and you could be in for a surprise! HAPPY BOOK WEEK.

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