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October on the Road

It’s great to be back in schools this month to share latest books and tell new tales. And there’s plenty to talk about!  Get ready for a fizzing mix of funny, cute, scary, yuck and totally outrageous… oh yes, and a really cool way to save the planet.

First up – meet an amazing bunch of ghosts from history as they pop up to appear on the TV chat show sofa…

In case you hadn’t noticed… everyone is talking about climate change – for good reason. Everyone is doing something else, too – mainly in the bathroom. Both topics are related! That’s because poo is everywhere. Most of us try to avoid it and get rid of it as fast as we can. For centuries poo was public enemy number one. But maybe it’s now time to think again because it has the power to create a bright new future. That’s right – your poo can help save the world! Discover how people have used dung all through history, what happens to poo after you’ve flushed it away, and how it contributes to global warming. Explore how we can use poo to power our cars, homes and even rockets, and how scientists are using other ingenious sources of renewable energy. Full of wacky pictures,’yuck’ poo facts and fun, this book brings hope that cutting-edge scientific research into biofuels and sustainable technology could be the breath of fresh air we need to save us from climate disaster. Coming in the New Year…

How Poo Can Save the World: and Other Cool Fuels to Help Save Our Planet by [John Townsend, Steve Brown]

‘Poo is an amazing treasure, prized by plants and animals alike. Without poo, life as we know it would end – but we humans turn our noses up at the stuff. We’re missing out – honestly. If you’re a human and you’re not sure what poo can do for you – read this book!’ Daniel Roberts (Co-Founder of The National Poo Museum)

With that delightful thought, it’s time for bed and to DREAM

All day I’ve climbed up in the trees,

Eating in the swaying breeze.

That’s my favourite thing to do,

Nibbling lots of nice bamboo.

So, whether you’re just going off to sleep, off to the bathroom or busy meeting ghosts, there’s a book just for you! If I’m coming to your school anytime soon… I look forward to meeting you and swapping stories as we get back to LIFE ON THE ROAD. Happy Reading! 🙂