Jam-packed JULY

Just About Managing? This month looks chock-a-block with lots going on after this crazily strange school year. The holidays should bring a great chance to do all sorts of new things and to READ NEW BOOKS!

Despite all the uncertainties lately, it’s good to be receiving invitations for author visits next term and for 2022. For schools and anyone else asking about latest titles, books for different ages and what’s coming, take a look HERE.

In the meantime, look what’s popping up for little’uns this month…

‘Some little children can forget to pick up junk behind them…        We’re here to scribble our advice and find ways to remind them’

Meet the Scribble Monsters – Inky, Blot, HB, Pablo, Nibs & Smudge. These playful characters help young children get to grips with cleaning up, keeping places litter-free and thinking about others. Yes, good old-fashioned politeness and respect are on the way back!

Good manners are about to be COOL like never before!

By the way… if you go down to the woods today, beware of of a big surprise. You may notice forest creatures telling stories, reading aloud or busily ordering my forthcoming book for winter bedtimes.     Forests have a special magic all of their own. No wonder they have whispered their stories forever…

Inspired by traditional folktales from around the world, these stories are brimming with fun, suspense, scares and delightful full colour artwork. Due out next year, this book will answer some of those mind-boggling questions about How The Bear Lost His Tail, How The Frog Became King of the Marshes, How Kangaroo Got A Tail, Why Owls Stare, How Sneaky Fox made Secret Silver Soup, How The Stag Got His Antlers, How Dogs Became Our Friends and How Raven Brought Light To The Forest. Magical answers are on their way…

Just enter the forest… where all sorts of animals are waiting… as you step among the whispering trees into another, enchantingly wild world. Coming to a bookshelf near you soon and then magically within reach! Or if you’re looking for something more down-to-earth for talkative toddlers, board books are on their way with plenty to find inside…

More news soon, more new books on their way for all ages and plenty of best wishes for the BIG jam-packed holiday. HAPPY READING!



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