Monthly Archives: April 2021

April Greetings

Although the world has ground to a halt for over a year (even ships got clogged-up), nothing has stopped the flow of ideas, words, stories and information. Reading and writing have been bubbling away despite so much stuck in lockdown. Just wait for the massive EXPLOSION of WOW new books in a few months. I’ve been trying to do my bit, too!

Everyone has been worried. Many have felt really fed-up, even robots. After all, it’s not easy being a robot. Things go wrong, bits go missing, clog-up or get rusty. Sometimes it seems like nothing is working as it should, while other robots don’t seem to show any problems at all. That hurts… yes, even robots have feelings!

Coming soon is another box of rhyming bedtime stories for sharing with toddlers. These little board books have plenty of robotty feelings, fun characters and fab pictures…

There’s nothing like a happy robot when it begins to like itslelf…

I’m happy now, as I can see

That this is how I’m meant to be…

And, what is more, I see you too

Are far the best at being you!

Don’t forget the first of the brand new SCRIBBLE MONSTERS MANNERS books are out this month – particulalry useful for reminding little angels to keep washing their hands, thinking of others and being totally delightful at all times!

Where would we be without science and scientists – particularly right now? With Paris in lockdown to combat the spread of disease, two of that city’s famous pioneers of science would have plenty to say about current times. So why not meet Louis Pasteur and Marie Curie in their own TV shows, as they emerge from their Paris tombs and join us on the sofa? Yes, these latest LIVE FROM THE CRYPT books together with plenty of wacky cartoon strips are on their way…


Current & forthcoming books in the USA here