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New times… NEW BOOKS!

As the world eagerly looks forward to opening schools, libraries and bookshops, we keenly await plenty of brand new books for 2021. Many are already on their way (and some are still stuck on ships!)

The super-new Scribble Monster Manners books will be arriving soon (some already on Kindle). The FAB colour-packed illustrations will have toddlers giggling and maybe polishing up their manners! So get reay to meet all the Scribble Monsters – Inky, Blot, H.B., Pablo and Nibs, as well as their wacky pet Smudge. Just right for bedtime.


More fiction is coming later in the year but in the meantime there’s new FUN nonfiction bursting forth as we speak. The CRAZY set of LIVE FROM THE CRYPT books rolls out in the next months, where you can meet the ghosts of key figures from history keen to put their record straight. Click on the pencil or paper below to find out how some of us go about writing nonfiction and to see what’s next coming off the press anytime soon…


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It’s great to see that Brexit can’t stop more translations of some of my nonfiction books hitting the shelves this month. Merci bien!

Bonjour à tous – certains de mes livres sont maintenant en français!

Les traces des animaux

Les traces des animaux

Les crottes des animaux

Voici un guide interactif de la nature qui ouvrira les yeux des enfants sur la richesse et la diversité du règne animal ! Il présente des crottes grandeur nature laissées par différentes espèces animales. Il comprend des informations concises sur chaque espèce. Des cartes indiquent où chaque espèce animale vit dans le monde. Des graphiques comparent la taille de chaque espèce à celle des humains.

Au revoir, restez bien et continuez à lire des livres!

et aussi en Turquie!