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Non-Fiction November

Yes, it’s the month of ‘Books with Facts‘ to keep us all extra busy and bursting with WOW information. That can mean AMAZING books.

Non fiction November

Once upon a time, Non-Fiction conjured up images of big encyclopaedias or chunky volumes stuffed with every subject under the sun. Now there’s so much more choice for discovering information, real historical characters and events, as well as advice, news and inspiring life-stories. Books of all shapes, sizes and desgins now give us bite-size facts sprinkled on pages packed with lively visuals and often wrapped in adventure or chuckles. In other words, Non-Fiction can be any sort of book that has ‘real stuff’ in it that leaves us knowng a bit more about ourselves and our world. What’s not to like?

Welcome to the TV show ‘LIVE from the CRYPT‘ where our TV hosts invite ghosts from the past onto their sofa for chat, quizzes, arguments and much more. Laugh & Learn in this new series out this month – just right to brighten up Non-Fiction November. Find out more by clicking on these pictures…


If you’re much younger and want to discover farmyard animals or dinosaurs with feelings, you might smile at a set of cute board books in boxes coming early next year. Just right for snuggly bedtimes.


Just in case you fancy some fiction in Non-Fiction November (shock horror) these two SHIVERS titles are out this month. Yes, they’re stories… but some of the weird goings-on in them could well be TRUE!

Click below for details in the USA


And plenty more fun for toddlers coming soon in 2021…


By the way, I’m thinking of writing a new NON-FICTION book all about the greatest CASTLE DUNGEONS… could be a BEST CELLAR!

Happy Non-Fiction November!