Happy September Returns

Yes, it’s BACK TO SCHOOL for many children and staff this month after being away for what seems ages. So all the best to everyone in this ‘new normal’ and in getting back to class, friends and lots of new books! Here are a few due soon in our new ‘Live from the Crypt‘ TV show style history series – packed with facts, fun and fab cartoons

Cover designs for the new ‘Live from the Crypt’ series

Just in case you like your history with a large dose of cheesy jokes, this month’s big anniversary of MAYFLOWER 400 is packed with groans on both sides of The Atlantic, with the help of 2 versions of my ‘Gross and Awesome‘ book. You have been warned!

Spot the difference

Click on USA version or UK…

  Truly Foul & Cheesy Mayflower Facts & Jokes (Truly Foul & Cheesy Facts & Jokes) by [John  Townsend, David Antram]

For all those ‘Little Monsters’ out there who need reminding about washing hands, using toilets, keeping safe and having the best of manners, we’re looking forward to seeing our series of fun picture books for toddlers – packed with rhyme and reason with the help of the charming SCRIBBLE MONSTERS. More news about these soon but click on a cover to get a kindle edition now or a book next year:


The Scribble Monsters Say Please!

If all those monster manners are just too exhausting, then what better for sleepy toddlers than dreamy tales of snuggly animals ready for bed? Click the cover below for sweet dreams in the Land of Nod!

With chilly nights drawing in, snuggle up with some cosy bedtime friends:-

Dream Time (Tray of Books): Amazon.co.uk: John Townsend, Carolyn ...Yes – the above is coming to Australia for sleepy koalas everywhere!

Ssssh it’s late, so snuggle tight – curl up in bed, turn down the light. Now shut those eyes – sweet dreams – GOODNIGHT.   

Have a great time back at school in Snoozy September and enjoy exploring plenty more books whatever your age – HAPPY READING!

Pssst – for a a peep at more Townsend Titles, click on HERE

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