Monthly Archives: July 2020

Summertime and the reading is CHEESY (again!)

Over 20Truly FOUL & CHEESYtitles are now available as Kindle books. For just over £2, you can cackle at your Kindle with any of these fact-filled fun reads. ENJOY! (click on image below to see/buy)

It’s not long now until the first set of ‘LIVE FROM THE CRYPT‘ books arrives. Meet some of the most famous ghosts from history as they pop up on the sofa on the Ghosts Reunited TV chat show…


All with FAB illustrations from the hilarious Rory Walker who is busy illustrating the next batch involving ‘Live from the Wreck’. Can you guess which ghosts will be arriving dripping wet on the TV sofa? More news soon. By the way, if you think these are silly, just wait till you tackle the SUMMER READING CHALLENGE. Have a great summer – silly or otherwise! Keep safe and smiling, as well as reading…