June unlocked (a bit)

To everyone venturing back into schools this month (and all those who have been attending throughout lockdown) VERY BEST WISHES and keep taking care. Whenever you can, WASH THOSE HANDS! 

For younger children, we have a set of fun books coming out soon to remind us all about manners, thinking of others and doing the right thing for the benefit of all. Hmm, I wonder who might need a copy.


Six books are on their way, all with the FAB SCRIBBLE MONSTERS showing us how to behave kindly to others – in a fun rhymey way rather than being annoyingly preachy. Here’s a quick peep at washing away pesky viruses…



Good luck with social distancing in schools for as long as it takes. Keeping 2 metres apart is a meaty topic to grapple with, with plenty of scope for both numeracy and literacy. I’ve had a quick go myself…

What does 2 metres apart look like?

It’s about half as long as a Volkswagen Beetle

(With bumpers, it has to be said)

Or three times as long as an average footstep

Or as long as a king-size bed.


It’s one-and-one-fifth the height of Napoleon,

Fully-dressed, but not in his hat…

That’s two-times taller than General Tom Thumb,

In his socks, vest and undies, at that.


It’s about a quarter the length of a red London bus,

Or if you prefer (now don’t laugh)

It’s one-tenth as tall as a brachiosaurus

Or three-tenths as tall as a giraffe.


It’s the length of a fully grown African lion

Or an African elephant’s ear,

It’s one-tenth as long as a full cricket pitch,

Or one-hundredth of Great Yarmouth Pier.


It’s two-fifty thousand red blood cells lined-up,

Or the length of a contra-bassoon,

Or just a bit more than a double-bass height,

Or 0.000000005 times as long as from here to the Moon.


That’s a whole lot of space with too much in the way,

And rules alone fill countless pages;

Two metres of minefield between anxious souls…

No wonder we’ve not met for ages!

So, all the best with keeping your distance and avoiding anything scary. There again, you may like a bit of scariness now and again – safely and teasingly creeping from the pages of a book. Coming out at the end of the year (when we hope we shall all be out a bit more) are two more titles in my SHIVERS series to give us something else to have NIGHTMARES about. Brace yourself.

Stories that dabble in the unexplained, mysterious and ‘aliens’ have been told with relish in flickering firelight for thousands of years. Many of those tales have been about strange lights or curious shapes seen flying through the sky. Stories told of mysterious events, places and creatures have delighted and scared us ever since our ancestors imagined what might be lurking ‘out there’. Viruses not included – these threats are far more visible… sometimes. Unsolved and unexplained tales still have great power to grip us in their scary spells. They spark our imaginations, chill our nerves and may even send an icy shiver down our spines. Either that or they’ll scare your pants off. You have been warned…

Happy June, happy school, happy hand-washing, happy distancing, happy manners, happy READING… have a safe & HAPPY SUMMER! 😎


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