MAY there be books!

MAYbe, just MAYbe, it MAY be MAY when we begin to see hope of eventually emerging from our locked-down world. At least, it MAY be a time to start making plans again. MAYbe some schools will be looking to new ways to get WOW things happening. In the meantime, there are always BOOKS to help us escape from being shut indoors.  Here’s a quick heads-up of a few Townsend Titles due out after we all emerge… blinking into the literary light of a bright new world!   How about a few fun or scary reads coming later in the year? They’re for all ages – from toddlers to teens…

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If bedtime rhymes aren’t your cup of cocoa, how about something with more bite to give you nightmares? Two new SHIVERS are on their way – just right for Halloween! Look out for UFOs & Mysteries

If wacky history is more your cup of tea, with a few spooky bits thrown in, you may like to meet some BIG characters from the past – face to face. LIVE FROM THE CRYPT is a TV show with a difference and it’s coming to your sofa shortly. Brace yourself… if you dare.


ImageHave a great MAY, wherever you are and however you’re managing – and MAY you keep reading, keep smiling and KEEP SAFE!

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