Monthly Archives: February 2020

FABruary Stories

It’s been very noisy round here this February – animals all over the place making BIG NOISES! Yes, there are more Creature Features books coming later in the Spring for little people who like animals, noises and lifting flaps to find all sorts. Just what you need for quiet bedtime reading.  There’ll be plenty more Toddler Tales with rhymes, rhythms and even ROBOTS coming later in the year… so get those ear plugs ready for lots more board books (but never BORED books!)








If HISTORY books are more your thing, I’ve written a set of DEAD gruesome titles to be published later in the summer. More about those later – but get ready to meet a few ghosts from the past.

While on the subject of HISSSSS-story, I’m pleased to say that Steve the python has just finished reading my Life-Sized Animal Poo book and basssssically found it all hisssssterically fasssscinating…

Ooh – by the way, this little book just arrived at Townsend Towers so it’s now out there. You may be horrified to know what’s going on inside you right now and that getting out of bed makes you shrink!

But for now… it’s back to writing fiction – so more news soon of books on their way. Happy reading and happy FABruary 😁