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November Splendour

It’s National Non-fiction November in the UK so all sorts of splendid information books should be whizzing off the shelves! Maybe some of my ANIMAL BOOKS will be among them? We’ve just had fun with all sorts of totally wacky animal facts during Appledore Book Festival’s Schools Week – with plenty of scary shenanigans thrown in… 






Thank you Newport Primary School in Barnstaple for this:-

‘Year 3 had a fantastic time with John Townsend – we really enjoyed the opportunity to act out parts of a story and find out amazing facts about different animals. We all really loved John’s fantastic waistcoat which was made up of lots of his own book covers!’

When I first started researching Natural History, many texts were just a bit fusty or a tad pompous in tone. How things have changed. For anyone today who thinks non-fiction is dull, dusty and dreary – think again! Factual books can be fun, fab and even foul… with a healthy mix of life, laughter and learning. That’s what I hope is the appeal of my ‘Truly Foul Facts and Cheesy Jokes’ series of over 20 WOW topics. Even if puritans may be sniffy about informatiion books being ‘cheap & cheerful’ – if such titles encourage children to enjoy reading, what’s not to like? Thanks for the good reviews out there: ‘Author, John Townsend, has created a hybrid book of serious and funny at the same time – something truly unique, and catering for both children’s thirst for knowledge as well as the need for light heartedness.’ (Books, tea & cupcakes review)



My ‘Life-Sized Animal Tracks’ might be tricky to read in this new version – you might need to CHECK the language (big clue!)

It’s just as well we didn’t mention ‘the HUMAN animal’ with all those wacky (and revolting) facts in my new book coming out in January. Did you know GETTING OUT OF BED MAKES YOU SHRINK?! 

Don’t tell anyone but non-fiction can even rhyme! Next year will see some little books for little people – with little rhyming giggles. Some will be non-fiction, but these ‘Booktacular Boxes’ are cute little animal tales to bring a bedtime smile…     







Night night

Happy Non-Fiction November!