Monthly Archives: September 2019

Autumn Delights

Autumn Term is chock-a-block with books! New titles and some older ones in new editions have been popping up in my school visits. Yes, children seem to have plenty to say about this one…

Just to give you a little sniff of what’s inside…

With thanks to zoos in the USA and Australia for providing a PILE of juicy information about Giant Panda dung and what it tells us. Find out more here from the fragrant NATIONAL POO MUSEUM.

And while ‘Life-Sized Animal Tracks’ is busy being reprinted, it’s just popped up in all sorts of languages – can you guess them?

Plenty of new titles are on their way for 2020 – a mix of wacky nonfiction, picture books and a few surprises. HAPPY OCTOBER!

Just off to some exciting Author Visits in schools in Gloucestershire and Devon – may see you there!