The Summer Silly Season continues…

Look out for this NEW Life-Sized book – just out and available from all good book shops, from here and only the best Poo Museums

This title featured (along with much else) at the recent summer school at Swanwick where I was after-dinner speaker on the terrors of The Writer’s Curse (and, yes, even books about scatology!)

Swanwick Writers' Summer SchoolThe Writer’s Curse – this involved juicy confessions from a children’s writer on the road – with secrets to reveal and tales out of school.
The Writer’s Curse will also be familiar to most writers and may well offer all a sinister warning (cue scary music). Yes, all writers beware – but what a jolly bunch the 300 or so delegates were…

And then it was time for entertainment (sort of). Thanks to everyone for a warm welcome, for singing along and even smiling at the jokes!

News of more new books and silly turns coming soon…

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