Truly Foul & Cheesy Joke & Facts

JULY is the month for big decisions. Forget all the fuss about electing prime ministers and presidents… YOU can now rate the 22 ‘Foul & Cheesy’ Joke and Fact books with a Cheese-ometer rating via a Bluetooth linkup to a Foulograph – for a truly scientific printout. Surely this is a WORLD FIRST! (It’s also twaddle but you can, in fact, send your comment via the LEAVE A REPLY link on this page below and click POST COMMENT)

Feel free to let us know which title or which fact/snippet gave the greatest response on your built-in personal ‘cheesy-sensor’ & ‘foul-factor reactor’.













WARNING – some pages in these books could shoot off the scale and trigger the CRINGE FACTOR. Next up, brace yourself for this BEAUTY hitting all good bookshops soon…

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