Monthly Archives: June 2019

Summertime and the reading is CHEESY

Yes – 2 more Truly Foul & Cheesy Facts & Jokes titles are out in JUNE. Click here for an up-close look. Now over 20 in the series.

Now brace youself for even scarier stuff with nightmares attached:-

Open this book if you dare! In it you will find the biggest and most scary animals alive today … And some even bigger and even scarier creatures from the past. If you are brave enough, you will meet …
A snake as long as a bus
A crocodile that weighed as much as ten tonnes
A shark with a smile two metres wide … Yikes!
As well as many more big, bad and seriously dangerous creatures. Prepare to be amazed!

Or, for something completely different…

‘MIRROR, MIRROR’ compiled by Sonia Dixon is a mix of poetry and illustrations from a wide range of contributors, hoping to inspire children everywhere. Enjoy and maybe be uplifted by these poems that explore confidence and self-esteem in all sorts of fresh ways. Why not take a peep?

click and peep!