MAY contain nuts, seeds and stripes

Only 3 months till a full-sized PLOP-UP book comes out!

To be honest, when I was asked to write this book I was a bit SNIFFY about it. But when I got stuck in (phew, that was a day to remember), I found all sorts of fascinating facts not to be sniffed at. Scientists known as SCATOLOGISTS study poo to discover amazing information about different species, habitats and animal biology – all from droppings! Have you ever been out somewhere and seen animal tracks with unusual poo nearby and thought ‘WHAT MONSTER LEFT THAT?’. Well, this book can help you find out (as well as which creature might be lurking under your bed). With this book and LIFE-SIZED ANIMAL TRACKS, you’ll be able to identify any creature that’s been through your bedroom and left you a little present.

And just in case you’re wondering….. yes, some ‘scat’ is stripy, some may smell of honey, some glistens or even sparkles, and some comes in perfect cubes the size of sugar lumps (best not put those in your coffee). You can find out even more when the book comes out (as it were) in August. Which animal’s poo do you think is so big that it needs a pull-out plop-up section to show its actual size?

Start saving for this new BIG book – just a little deposit required!

A Big THANKS to the fantastic National Poo Museum for DOLLOPS of help and for running their eyes (and nose) over the book. It’s a MUST visit for anyone on the Isle of Wight, UK. They certainly know how to get to the bottom of a subject. We had great fun trying to find out about giant panda poo as there’s not a lot of it about. Zoos across the world stepped in (yuck!) and helped us, so find out more by clicking on these dungtastic ‘scratch & sniff’ links below. Phew – after all that research, we’re totally POOPED!

National Poo Museum – Lifting the lid on the secret world of poo
Click on the images for a peep at the poop… THE GIANT PANDA MYSTERY!
Image result for giant panda cartoon
This creature’s POOP caused total PANDAmonium

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