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1918 – 2018

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HENRY’S REVIEW (2018): ‘It was amazing!’

This was so surprising. Actually, it wasn’t – as my wife has been badgering me to read it for a while. She originally got it out of the library for my daughter to read to help introduce her to WW1, but this is by no means a book for children only.

My daughter initially rejected it, but after my wife read it, she insisted that both of us read it. My daughter enjoyed it, saying she loves the story and finally I’ve read it. It made me cry, which has only been achieved by 2 previous books in my life and therefore I’ve given it a well deserved 5 stars and will be looking up the theatrical version.

To go into greater detail without revealing too much of the story, a young boy discovers a small suitcase belonging to his great, great grandfather who happens to bear a striking resemblance to him. The case is locked and his father has to force the lock. Inside there is a book that reveals his ancestor’s experience just prior and during the war and some of it is coded, which the reader has to get actively involved with. At this point I will stop and urge you to read it and force your 9-11 year old to read it too.’

Thank you, Henry!

In Flanders fields, where poppies danced,
The sodden soldiers scarce advanced
From stinking trenches under fire
Past corpses in the razor wire...
No more the stench of deathly mud
Drifts over all those fields of blood...
No more the mire where jackboot treads;
While still the poppies bow their heads.
from my Pickling with Words