Monthly Archives: September 2018

Back to school with a BUZZ

Autumn is busily buzzy – not just for schools but for insects! You probably tried to escape from a few over the summer, while I was tracking them down for my next ‘Life-Sized’ book. BUGS comes out early next year, with one creature being so big it needs an extra pull-out page. Clue: it’s not technically a bug, nor an insect and it doesn’t buzz but it’s hairy. No, it’s not a gorilla because it has several legs, a few eyes and you won’t spot it on the cover, either. It’s even bigger than the Titan Beetle below…   Any idea?  Answer coming soon!


PICKLING WITH WORDS is now just published – a rhyming romp through the history of Britain (from Stone Age to Brexit)…

The moral’s clear in all this verse:                                  If now seems bad, the past was worse!

Pickling with Words

CLICK HERE for a review of GRAVEROBBERS AND GALLOWS. Its sequel THE TWIST OF THE HANGMAN is now out and waiting for you to order – just click on the covers…










Congratulations to The Sweyne Park School for their well-deserved READING FOR PLEASURE AWARD, which I shall be delighted to polish on my next visit to the splendid library.  Well done!