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COMING SOON… if you dare

How about something to celebrate the 180th Anniversary of the publication of OLIVER TWIST, combined with a mysterious story to mark one of the greatest medical discoveries to change the world? Brace yourself for the turbulent twists and turns of Cornelius Catchpole…

There was a time when it was dangerous to be a child. There was a time when you daren’t tell your story. But now, at last, one story can be told… as the curse has finally run its course. It was the dreaded Curse of the Speckled Monster:-

Two dark volumes of moonlight and skulduggery; ruffians, ragamuffins and rapscallions; plague, pox and pestilence; quackery, blood-letting and shady cloaks & daggers. Gothically ghoulish with sparks of glorious light at the end of a treacherous tunnel!