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National Poetry Day

Thursday 28th September, 2017

This year it’s all about FREEDOM – so unleash ideas and let them soar!

Freedom to Imagine

If ignorance is prison that incarcerates the mind,

Then surely education is the key for those confined.

Inspiring books unlock the gates – imaginations freed

How darkness bursts to colour when we open books and READ!


Closed minds prefer to see things in black and white…

Liberated thinkers tend to see in glorious colour.


When tiny sparks ignite a flame to flash, flare and spellbind,

Lit words upon the page explode gunpowder of the mind.

Just light the fuse, just read the words, just hear the laughs and screams,

Just taste the tears, just feel the power… LET BOOKS UNLOCK YOUR DREAMS.

(From Tickling with Words )

Words (carefully-chosen, refined, re-written, crafted & distilled)     may not change the world but they might just change minds – even presidents’ or terrorists’…


From the sublime to the riddly-diculous… here’s comic verse to share for a giggle on National Poetry Day. Happy ESCAPING with words…

“What a wonderful book, full of fun and optimism. Very creative and how tickled I am to have it!”  Sir Ken Dodd OBE (One Boiled Egg)