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Sizzling Science in Essex

British Science week 2017

What a scintillatingly scientifically splendiferous Science Week it’s been in Essex again this year. Year 7s at Great Baddow High School were sparking and on form as we dabbled in the wacky world of wow science and what a great bunch Year 5s from Larkrise School and Beehive Lane School were. Thanks for a great time and for the fantastic creative writing from 7B!

Then it was off to Sweyne Park School in Rayleigh (my tenth year, no less) to meet yet more sparky, sizzly and buzzy year 7s as we explored ‘Beastly Science’ and how animals are inspiring the world of robotics, medicine and cutting-edge technology. But yes, we also dipped into foul and cheesy jokes/facts from my new books – out any time soon. Thanks to all for groaning politely and another great welcome in your FAB library.

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Another Manic March

Once again, like all those mad March hares, children’s writers have been leaping up and down the land for World Book Day. For me, this has been World Book WEEK, hopping up and down the country to meet hundreds (actually, well over a thousand) enthusiastic readers in fantastic school libraries.

First up was Kennet School in Thatcham, where I was delighted to return for a couple of days to the massively impressive library (with super-efficient library staff running a wow Book Week). Year 5s dropped in, as well as all year 7s and a fair few year 8s who shared many a spooky tale to help my research. I warned them I might give them nightmares – but they ended up scaring me! My new book THE STONE BALANCER tempted a fair few readers so do let me know what you think when you’ve read it.

Next I dropped in once again to The Chase School in Malvern for workshops in the very posh library. Years 7 and 9 shared some amazing yarns and we delved into some weird and wonderful ‘tales of the unexplained.’ Thanks for a great welcome.

For World Book Day I was back for my fourth visit to the SPLENDIFERABULOUS Parks Primary in Leicester. Once more, the outfits were amazing and thanks for humouring me as I tested out some of my cheesy jokes from my forthcoming series. We even dabbled in the world of sharks and the ‘humungusalodon’. The writing from Year 6 in the workshop on Operation Code-Cracker was astounding so thanks for having me back for WBD 2017.

To finish off the week I was back next door at the FANTASTILASTIC Stokes Wood Primary in Leicester. Our ‘Crazy Creatures’ theme was great fun and years 3 & 4 were brilliant when we went on another outrageous LION HUNT – you were brilliant. The school was buzzing with even more enthusiasm and the year 5 writing group did some amazing imaginative work – a big thanks to all. A fabuous end to a perfect week!

So… where to next? Back on the road soon…

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