Mad March

Like Spring lambs and March hares, children’s writers have been skipping around the country (and the entire world, no doubt) for World Book Day, which seems to have turned into World Book MONTH. My March has been massively manic so far in hopping about the land meeting hundreds of enthusiastic readers in fantastic schools.

How can I forget the delightful classes at Meadows Primary in Oswestry? From the chicks and ducklings foundation classes to the owls, robins and wrens – we had a terrific time writing about animals and discovering all sorts of wow information. Who knew food chains could get so wacky – when we sang ‘There was a young teacher who swallowed a fly’? (to say nothing of a whopping hyena!) Thank you for a super time at your FABULICIOUS school.

Next was the FANTASTILASTIC Stokes Wood Primary in Leicester. What a lovely bunch – the whole school went on a lion hunt with such excitement – you were brilliant! Dressed as all kinds of random animals, the school was buzzing with enthusiasm (to say nothing of bursting with animal knowledge). The writing group did some amazing imaginative work – a big thanks to all.

For World Book Day I was back for my third visit to the SPLENDIFERABULOUS Parks Primary in Leicester. Not only were all the outfits awesome, but the teachers excelled themselves. We had lions, witches and yes, a real walking wardrobe! Thanks to all for still managing to laugh at my jokes for the third time. Apologies to the teacher who walked in just as I was doing a scary sound effect… I think she ran off screaming.

It was great to return to Longdon Hall School near Lichfield. What a warm welcome on such a wintry morning. I don’t know what they give you for school lunch but you’d all grown so much since I saw you last! Thanks to all for a really enjoyable visit – and especially to Adam for operating the PANIC BUTTON for when my stories got super-scary.

Year 6 at Bellfield Primary in Birmingham never cease to amaze me. This time they were truly TERRIFULACIOUS. Our Heroes & Villains session was great fun and everyone knew so much – but when it came to writing about ‘the villain next door’ in just fifteen minutes, the results were astounding. What a great bunch of writers, as well as a really friendly year group. Thank you so much for a SUPERIFICASTAWONDERMEGAMAGICALLORIFIC time!

So… where to next? Stay tuned…





1 thought on “Mad March

  1. Emma

    Our Key Stage 2 classes loved your visit!
    Adam was very proud of being in charge of the panic button and it helped him to not be as scared.
    Dyllon loved being eaten by the snake and we have some amazing pictures that we are making into a book so that our students can look back on your visit.

    Thank You


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