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Appledore Book Festival Schools Programme awash with wonders!

‘Awesome’ must be the word. How can a little seaside spot in North Devon bring in so many children’s writers in one week? They put us in the Seagate Hotel then sent us pootling about into all manner of schools around and about. How brilliant is that?

First call for me was Great Torrington School. Apart from having a bit of a stand-up row with my sat-nav (a long story but it involved a combine harvester, a police car and a closed road just a stone’s throw from the school) Erghgh. Anyway, the lovely Mrs Ward (librarian) is a dab-hand with a tea bag so all was soon hunky dory. She’s also a dab-hand at squeezing a multitude of year 7s and 8s into the library. They were delightful, bless ’em. I was so impressed by Finley who knew lots and answered all sorts. And who can forget Owen’s Oscar-winning performance at hyperventilating on cue? Great stuff – thanks for the superb welcome. We must let the Guinness Book of Records know how many we can get in a library for an hour and a half of total bliss!

The welcome at the lovely Libra School was fabulous and the library is so brilliant I could live there… snuggled by the wood-burner (yes, a real live wood burner sizzling in the corner of a library). This little gem of a school in the middle of beautiful Devonshire countryside has a wonderful collection of friendly characters, including Rosie the dog. Everyone was hooked on stories, books and wow information and even Rosie enjoyed a good tail (see what I did there?) I have to admit, I did my best to scare people so sorry if you had nightmares afterwards. Adrian threatened to sue me if that happened!  Thank you all for taking part so enthusiastically and being such a fantastic bunch. Keep up the great work.

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  1. Pat Glover

    I really enjoyed reading about your time in Appledore and reliving the magical day we had at Libra. You did a marvellous job of engaging the children with your fund of stories, facts, sound effects … and huge kindness. Old MacDonald was a triumph!


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