Shshshsh… it’s a secret

Don’t tell anyone but I have some new adventure fiction just out – quick reads that pack a punch (more thrills, fewer words). Here’s  a quick peep at a couple of covers of these latest ‘white knuckle’ reads in a brand new series called BREAKOUTS from Ransom. Click on the Ransom logo to find out more:

Breakouts covers.qxp_Layout 1      Breakouts covers.qxp_Layout 1

These books feature in some of my presentations so they might be coming to ‘a school near you’ anytime soon.

BREAKOUTS: more thrills – fewer words. A brand new series of quick reads; fast & furious escapes against the odds. Oh yes, they’ve also got incredible real-life facts as an extra bonus!

Shshsh – it’s even more of a secret – so don’t tell a soul (apart from any passing librarian)… my THIRD book in the Breakouts Series arrives in 2016. Although I’m sworn to secrecy, I can tell you STRANGERS ON A PLANE will be nose-diving towards a library near you in the New Year – so hold on tight for a turbulent read…

In case you’re interested… I’m now taking bookings for 2016 (World Book Day & Science Week in March are already booked). Do get in touch or contact my agent at  You might just dare to ask about SCARY OR WHAT? Warning: this presentation might stop you sleeping… in the library:-

😯 I DON’T WANT TO ALARM YOU BUT…    WAKE UP! Alarming secrets to make your knees knock (or possibly explode) You have been warned! 🙄 

For more information on my books click HERE or author events HERE


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